2018 Short Film & Video Festival

screening at the historic cascade warner theater museum, the riverplex

2018 short film image.jpg

1st Place:

Custer Wolf by Chris Heady, Middleton, PA

2nd Place:

Love Was Kind by Jordon Kline

3rd Place: 

Reintegration by Thomas Moeger, Bowling Green, OH


Honorable Mentions:

You Make This City by RJ Thompson, Youngstown, OH

Night Light by Johnny de la Uz, Orlando, FL


2018 Participants:

After the Conversation by Renan Brandao (19:58)

Icons by Ronnie Cramer (5:10)

Sins of the Father by Joseph Crognale (10:02)

Josie by Travis Culley  (11:00)

Limit by Javad Daraei (7:00)

The Snag by Isabelle Desalos (8:00)

I Love You by Luis Grajera (8:10)

GSLV Mark3 by Harish Gokul (5:55)

The Custer Wolf by Chris Heady (9:44)

Mousse by John Helberg (4:00)

The Last Embrace by Saman Hosseinpuor (4:00)

Wintry Spring by Mohamed Kamal (15:00)

Love Was Kind by Jordan Kimes (6:15)

4.0 by Drew Larsen (10:26)

Doug Utter by Charles Mintz  (5:10)

Reintegration by Thomas Moeger (2:18)

The Dress of Myriam by Lucas H. Rossi (15:00)

Balance by Barzan Rostami (3:00)

Night Light by Johnny de la Uz (7:52)

Song of Hands by Hamze Zarei (19:38)