Perspections, Suzan Kraus

May 29 - August 2
Opening Reception: June 1, 6-8 pm

"Perspections" is an exhibition about "seeing" art using the vantage points of perspective, introspection & perception. Henry David Thoreau said, it's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." So what do we see? How can we see things better, more open or creatively? Is our perception, reality? As an artist I'm always questioning.

Light Rain, Early Spring;  collage/mixed media by Suzan Kraus

Light Rain, Early Spring; collage/mixed media by Suzan Kraus

In both creating & looking at art we all come from a unique & personal space rich in life experiences. How we see life/art is influenced by these perceptions. I am consciously aware that my own art is very autobiographical with some of it being more revealing than others. To me, each piece of art, mine & others is a short narrative about a perspective or a thought that was driven inward compelling it to be expressed outwardly. Mine happens to be with papers. Being an abstract expressionist these narratives are rich with symbolisms & metaphors not necessarily in linear order like a beautifully written classic but more resembling a utility drawer that has a disparate collection of things one needs at odd times. Carefully looking at this jumble tells a story of the person it belongs to.

The beautiful papers I use come mostly in natural colors or white & made by women in third world countries. I then paint these papers with layers of Earthy colors and then  combine them with other mundane papers re-cycled, re-purposed for another expression. This contrast, amazing & extraordinary handmade papers mixed in with the everyday paper, is a direct parallel to life. Tearing the papers & arranging & re-arranging them many times gives me a chance to say things clearly and with a sense of beauty. Titles are carefully chosen to give the viewer a hint at what I was thinking when I created the piece. Much of my work is influenced by my readings of ancient philosophies & mythologies.

A move to Texas in 1998 started Suzan pursuing her dream of becoming an artist. While in Houston and nearly 50 years of age, she attended the Glassell School of Art, studied privately with various prominent Houston artists & took Chinese brush painting instruction at Rice University. During this time in Houston, her work was accepted into 2 galleries and she won awards at the Watercolor Art Society, Houston. As a member of the Society of Layerists in Multi Media her work was juried into a show at the  Albuquerque Museum of Art.

Upon returning to Ohio her work has been juried into a number of prestigious places such as The Butler Institute of American Art, Erie Art Museum, and Arts & Education at the Hoyt. She has had exhibitions at InTown Club, Case Western Reserve, and BayArts. Most recently she was accepted as an archived artist of the Archived Artist of the Western Reserve, a distinguished organization that preserves the work of notable North East Ohio artists. Currently her work is represented by All Matters Gallery in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

Her preferred method of doing art is collage/mixed media where she can incorporate beautiful handmade papers that come from around the world along with other materials into one piece of art to create an interesting eclectic mix.