Artistic Innovations: Edinboro University

The Hoyt Main Galleries feature the paintings of Bradley Milligan and Ben Frederick.

Blue Hawaiian by Bradley Milligan West Gallery.jpg

 A recent graduate, Milligan received his BFA in painting from Edinboro University in 2018. His work employs a combination of direct observation and invention to explore a sense of ambiguity and the tension between the familiar and unfamiliar. Subjects range from cluttered still lives and interiors to dioramas made from found objects.  He says the paintings in this exhibition are rooted in architecture and occupied spaces, “but not in architecture for its own sake.”

“Instead, the paintings investigate what happens when a person becomes more acutely aware of their relations to their surroundings”, he says, “and what meaning can be extracted from this when combined with this exploration into the place between familiarity and unfamiliarity.”

Originally from Easton, Maryland, Milligan has shown throughout Maryland and Western Pennsylvania as well as in a number of national and regional juried exhibitions.  He now resides in Bloomington, Indiana.

Another recent graduate, Ben Frederick completed his MFA in painting this past May. His work typically revolves around the routines of his young family.  There is, therefore, an aspect of personal chronicle about the body of work although not necessarily significant moments. And yet he says “there is significance to them in that family is important to me, and therefore the home, and by recording the moments I have made them significant.”

A Dayton, Ohio resident, he has become active in Dayton’s art community since graduating from the University of Miami in 2008 - exhibiting artwork, volunteering at a gallery, and teaching drawing and ceramics classes at a community art center.

Several additional alumni are being featured in the Blair Sculpture Walkway including Christopher Boring, Heather Kanazawa, Josiah King, Zack Pontious, Rabecca Signoriello, Isaac Bower, Sara Catapano, Stephanie Craig, Deric Ence, and Todd Leech.  Works range from photo realistic oils and expressive acrylics to contemporary ceramics and sculpture.

Artistic Innovators will be on display through January 3. Admission to the galleries is always free.