by Michael Stephens

October 10-December 21
Public Reception: October 20, 6-8 pm

King David's Harp.jpg

Playtime features the assemblages of Edinburg native, Michael Stephens in the Blair Sculpture Walkway.  A self-described “tinkerer”, Stephens simply loves to make stuff out of found objects – particularly metal.  This fascination began as a kid in rural Missouri where he used to dig around in old farm trash dumps for vintage bottles and rusted metal pieces. He’s since added clock parts, gears, circuit boards and unusual objects collected from international travel.  The resulting collection is not only playful but has a distinctive steam punk vibe.

A noted metalsmith and jeweler, Stephens has received over 40 awards at nationally juried art shows throughout the U.S. He will begin offering classes at the Hoyt in 2018.