Zimbicki’s Critters to Fill Blair Sculpture Walkway

Kathleen Zimbicki

May 10-July 30
Opening Reception May 13, 6-8 pm

Artist, teacher, gallery founder and arts advocate, Kathleen Zimbicki has devoted her career to creating and promoting the arts in the greater Pittsburgh region. While her formal training came from watercolorist Jospeh Shepler and Henry Koerner, her love for experimenting with subject, media and scale began in childhood.

Zimbicki grew up in an extraordinarily musical family in Washington County, PA. But she soon realized that trying to compete with her more musically talented siblings was “futile”, so she turned her energy to visual art. First in oils and acrylics, but later watercolors.

“Growing up in a small town with woodedareas on three sides, I had much time to play and dream,” she remembers. “I would draw or paint anything that was available."

Her love of plein air took root in the 1970s. “Plein air painting is evolving into more and more fantasy,” she said. “My creatures now might be called magical realism. The critters in woods, some scary, and the fanciful trees are not exactly the ones from my childhood, but they still haunt me – happily”

Zimbicki’s watercolors will be on display in the Blair Sculpture Walkway May 10-July 30. A public reception has been scheduled for May 13, 6-8 pm.