Collections & Reflections: Keeping the Arts Alive Since 1965

October 26 - January 15, 2016

    Since first opening its doors in 1965, the Hoyt has focused on “keeping the arts alive” in the heart of Lawrence County. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the Hoyt’s Permanent Collection which illustrates a timeline of growth and change over the last fifty years. It is therefore fitting that the Hoyt will end the calendar year with Collections & Reflections, a selection of paintings, collages, prints, enamels, ceramics and more complimented by newspaper articles and newsletters from the archives. 
    The exhibition begins with the foundation of our early collection in the Blair Sculpture Walkway.  Driven by the passion of artists and arts enthusiasts, the collection reflects those that were responsible for establishing the Hoyt in the 1960s and 70s.  Names such as Phyllis Blair, Tom McNickle, Nels Oestreich, Fred Alexander, Scott McGuire and Robert Hild appear repeatedly throughout the archives alongside our first directors George Faddis (1967-68), Carbis Walker (1968-1971), and William Craig McBurney (1971-1980). In fact, Carbis Walker donated the museum’s very first piece, “Cabin in the Woods”.  


The exhibition advances from the walkway into the West Gallery with selections from the 1980s and 90sThe annual Hoyt Regional and National exhibitions were introduced, and with them a new resource to build the permanent collection under the administrations of David Ludwick (1980-87), Susan Miller (1987-92) and Lynda Lambert (1993-96).  It was within this era that the Hoyt acquired Hoyt West then constructed the Blair Sculpture Walkway to link the arts center to the new period home.
    The collections moving into the East Gallery reflect the acquisitions of the 21st century under the current Director, Kimberly Koller-Jones (1996-present). Continued facility renovations permitted a higher caliber of exhibition to be forged through new relationships with private collectors, galleries and museums.  As the Hoyt began to host prominent figures from American Art History, they began to collect works by such as Wolf Kahn, Romare Bearden, and Robert Motherwell.  The museum’s newest acquisition include two William Partridge Burpee pastels gifted by the Jerald Melberg Gallery in honor of the museum’s 50th anniversary.
    Several additional new displays have also been installed in Hoyt East including a collection of vintage Opera posters in the “red room” and an extensive display of decals, designs, photographs, and dinnerware in the adjacent J. Howard Bruce Shenango China room. Take a peak into the museum’s decorative art collections in the Hoyt West Period House, including a new collection of silver flatware dating back to the 1800s.  
    Collections and Reflections will be on display in the Main Galleries through January 15, 2016.  Admission is free.