Hold Up in the Hood: Photography of Francis Crisafio

Walkway Gallery: September 23-October 31

Hold Up in the Hood is the result of an after school program artist Francis Crisafio led in the inner-city Pittsburgh.  An art teacher, Crisafio used drawing and collage to explore each child’s self-image and photographed their perceptions.

“The work is about social interaction and the collective image of the children who participate in the collaborative,” said Crisafio. “The photographs and my subject matter incorporate drawings, recycled photographs, print media and body bester to explore issues of race, class and gender.”

Crisafio is a graduate of Carnegie-Mellon University with a degree in Painting and Printmaking.  Hold Up in the Hood has appeared in the International Journal of Photography, among other reviews, receiving numerous awards including Best of Show in the 40th Annual Hoyt Regional, 2013.