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We have three stages of vocalists, musicians, and dancers competing for a $1000 prize!  Cast your ballots through out the day at the Main Stage (Riverwalk Amphitheater), inside The Confluence and at Zambelli Park! Awards will be announced at 8:30 pm from the Main Stage!

main stage/Riverwalk Amphitheater


1:00-2:00  New Castle Playhouse Mini Stars

4:00-5:00  Snowdonia

6:00 - 6:30 New Castle Regional Ballet

6:30-7:00 James Streit, Dance

Inside the Confluence

Freewheelin-Tour (1).jpg

3:30-4:30  The Free Wheelin' Tour (pictured above)

4:45-5:00  Michaylen Lewis

5:30-6:30 Pink Moon

6:45-7:15 Barb Davies, vocalist

7:30-7:40  Shannon Davies, vocalist

7:40-8:00  Kali Davies-Anderson, vocalist

8:00-8:10  Rosa Davies, vocalist

Zambelli park Stage

r-act theater.jpg

2:00-3:00 This is the World

3:30-4:00 Darrin Salzano

4:00-4:30  NCP Chorus Line

4:30-5:00  James Streit, Dance

5:30-6:00   R-Act Theater (pictured above)

6:15-6:30  Jessica Fellion

6:30-7:00  Castle Country Cloggers

7:30-8:00  Belita & The Rubante Quartet

8:00-8:30  Dana La Duct Fire Twirling


unexpected Encores, Two Rivers Artisan Coffee Works

4:00-4:30 Belita & The Rubante Quartet

5:30-6:30  The Free Wheelin Tour