pneumatica head.jpg

Featured Performance: pneumatica by the squonk Opera

From the East Street Bridge:   3:00 pm, 5:00 pm & 7:00 pm

Made possible by a grant from the County of Lawrence.

Hold on to your hats, New Castle!  Pneumatica is going to blow your mind!  The Squonk Opera's latest combination of live music and theater is about, made of and powered by air!   

Blowers, turbines and vortex fans energize and inflate instruments, props and costumes, including Laddy Pneumatica, the 40 ft backdrop to the stage!  As the Squonkers perform, Lady Pneumatica blossoms with sails, breathes steam, and raises her arms while a vertical accordion powers her "lungs".  Playing with visual puns, air is used to activate costumes  synced to wild guitar and bass riffs, electric bagpipe and more!

With the creation of Pneumatica, the Squonkers continue to pursue the most American and democratic of art forms: the public celebration, with boisterous music and surreal image. Each 30 minute performance will be followed by a an interactive workshop exposing spectators to the science behind the art!

Want a sneak peek? Check out the video below!