Lawrence County Student Show



First: Jay’von Jay, Grade 10, “Self Portrait”
Second: Tabytha Ann McConahy, Grade 12, “Bee Portrait”
Third: Julia Williams, Grade 10, “untitled” mixed media


First: Anthony Spadafore, Grade 9, “Ice Cube”
Second: Payton Schilling, Grade 12, “Enchanted”
Third: Natalie Maine, Grade 10, “Chase”


First: Alan Petrangeli, Grade 12, “untitled”
Second: Alyssa Lamenza, Grade 11, “Frustration”
Third: Grayson Corbin, Grade 11, “The Vandala”


First: Margaret McVay, Grade 12, “Nancy and Louis”
Second: Alanna Danielle Schill, Grade 9, “Looking Into the Abyss”
Third: Kaitlyn Cochenour, Grade 12, “The Force”


First: Sadie Demko, Grade 11, “Candles
Second: Caitlyn Olinger, Grade 11, “untitled”
Third: Nadine Buckley, Grade 12, “Would you Like a Diploma”

“It’s in the Details”

Opening Reception: November 29th, 5-7pm

Organized by Lawrence County Partners for Preservation (LCPP)

First Place,  Albina  by Sally Dexter

First Place, Albina by Sally Dexter

 Lawrence County is fortunate to have a beautiful selection of historic buildings and structures with many interesting architectural details, but most of us tend to not look closely at these sometimes obscure elements.  This contest highlights these features as well as raises funds for Lawrence County Partners for Preservation, (LCPP), a new non-profit organization established to work to preserve our historical landmarks and architecture for future generations to enjoy.

The contest was open to anyone over 12 years of age living in or outside of Lawrence County  Pennsylvania. Color, sepia, or black and white photographs were required to prominently   feature an architectural detail of an exterior or interior structure such as a  house, church, cemetery, barn, bridge, etc. over 50 years old located in Lawrence County.


First Place, Albina by Sally Dexter
Second Place, Oak Park Mausoleum by Chelsea Wilkins
Third Place, 45 Degree View by Hayden Slade
Honorable Mention, Woman in the Window by Sally Dexter
Honorable Mention, Terra Cotta Roof by Jennifer Martello
Honorable Mention, A Little Bit of France in New Castle by Sally Dexter


Exhibiting alongside It’s in the Details is a solo exhibition of photographs by Denise Guthery.

Lawrence County Partners for Preservation is committed to educating and assisting the community in the preservation and promotion of the history, architecture, and economic prosperity of Lawrence County. The objectives of LCPP include preserving historic landmarks and architecture, promoting the economic value and importance of Lawrence County’s history, enhancing and improving the image of the county, and recognizing individuals, businesses and municipalities for their efforts to preserve the history, architecture and character of the county.  For more information visit: