Artists Market

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1. Joshua Hassan, pottery
2. Darree Clark, painting
3. After Dark Illustrations, Dan Senneway, illustrations/other
4. Darrel Clegg, jewelry
5. Abstract Stained Glass, John & Marlene Falibota, glass
8. Jace Condravy, jewelry
9. Lucas Procopio, Halloween decor/wood
10. Chocolate Moonshine, Jeffrey Wateska, fudge
11. Hammered Earth Artisan Designs, Denise Hall, jewelry/metal
13. The Common Scents Candle Company, Barbara Wilson, candles & essential oils
14. 4 Heart and Mind, Amy Drago, jewelry
15. Caricatures by Richard DiGia, caricatures 
16. Alex's Puzzles, David & Alex Giles, wood
18. Rauschenbach Art, Daniel Rauschenbach, pottery
20. Catherine Elser, fiber arts
21. Gardens of Eternity, Dunja Luce, jewelry, soaps/lotions, upcycling/creative reuse
22. Downed Root Studio, Lauren McAnallen, wood
23. Lora Koban, stained glass
28. Three Rivers Hammocks/Seedlings Wire Art, Jamie Roman, other
29. AJ's Twisted Treasures, jewelry/leather/metal
30. Fused Inspirations, Nadine Barker, glass
31. Kyle Leary, fiber arts/other
32. Jessica Palakovich, photography
33. Coryea's Maple Syrup, Don Coryea, other-maple syrup
34. Hope's Majesty, Mariha Mercer, prints/painting/facepainting
35. Walnut Ridge Designs, Heather Braightmeyer, jewelry
38. Mud Monkey Pottery, Anthony DeRosa, pottery