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 The Hoyt

The Hoyt

October 16 - January 3

Reception: October 27, 2-4 pm

Artist Innovators, Edinboro University

 “Dark Lit Room”, Ben Fredrick

“Dark Lit Room”, Ben Fredrick

West Gallery: Bradley Milligan
East Gallery: Ben Frederick
Walkway Gallery: Edinboro Alumn

Christopher Boring, BFA 2012
Heather Kanazawa, MA 2011, BFA 2007
Josiah King, MFA 2016
Zack Pontious, BFA 2010
Rabecca Signoriello, BFA 2004
Isaac Bower, BFA 1989
Sara Catapano, MFA 2018
Stephanie Craig, MFA 2004
Deric Ence, MFA 2012
Todd Leech, MFA 2008

 The Confluence

The Confluence

November 8 - December 27

It’s In the Details
Photography Competition presented by Lawrence County Partners for Preservation

Lawrence County is fortunate to have a beautiful selection of old buildings and structures, with many interesting architectural details, but most of us tend to not look closely at these sometimes obscure elements.  The purpose of this contest is to highlight these features as well as raise funds for Lawrence County Partners for Preservation, (LCPP), a new non-profit organization that has been established to work to preserve our historical landmarks and architecture for future generations to enjoy.