The Gift Shop specializes in local art by local artists from across the region,  offering a selection of pottery, glass, fibers, jewelry, paintings, prints, soaps, lotions, woodcraft and more.

Gift Shop Hours
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: 11 am - 8 pm
Friday & Saturday: 11 am - 4 pm

Featured Artists

Bath Maygan
Terri Malone
Mary Mason
Sheila McKay
Kevin McLatchey
Mona’s Chocolates
Mud Monkey Pottery (Anthony DelRosa)
Carol Ries Norulak
Thomas Norulak
Nelson Oestreich
Frank Parker
Ron Pivovar
Purple Paisley
Frank Parker
Nicole Renee Ryan
Carol Scheftic
Ellie Steines
Cori Surano
Paul Wegweiser
Stramba Farms (Terri Stramba)
Tree Buds (Karen Sturgeon)
Grayce Presnar, Author
Naturally Roberta
Six Cat, Two Hooks
SK Webster Pottery

A&H Photography
Amanda Lee Glassware
Ann Antognoli, Author
Baker Hart Studios
Alick Bailik
Tammy Bauder
Kate Burke
Pam Chill
Susan Cole
Ken Cole
Nancy Connelly
John Conway
Coyrea's Maple Syrup
Lisa Curry
Dandi Creations             
Depace Iron Works
Loren DeGiorgio
Judy Erno “Urban Barquoe”
Expressive Glass
Sylvia Ewen
Ben Haug
Nancy Hawkins
Bryce Herrington
Marianne Hilke
Human Services Center
Nancy Lenhart  
Joanne Lippold
Donna Little


Artists interested in being featured in the Gift Shop should contact Tracey at or call 724.652.2882 ext 116.