Scapes of 35mm

ChiaLing Pitluga

April 6 - June 27, 2015

In the nearly fourteen years of living in America, I have hoarded stuff.  I saw a beer cap in 2001 and now I have a few hundred. I opened my first fortune cookie in 2001, got my first fortune, and now I have a hundred. I saw an old window on the side of road, and now I have over a dozen above my garage. The piles of accumulated stuff are absolutely beautiful and disturbed my senses. In 2009, thousands of 35mm traditional slides were tossed out by my husband in our backyard. I saved them and hid them in my studio.

This body of work is my attempt of intermixing 35mm slides, paints, fabrics, and threads into my composition to convey the abstract elements of our surroundings, like that of air, rain, wind and....

I studied art with Professor Glen Brunken at Slippery Rock University, who encouraged his students to discover new marks with their work.  He enjoyed my playfulness with my work and gave me the confidence of being myself.   He was a teacher, a friend and a father in my immigrant life; he passed away two years ago.  I miss him, and will continue, "making pictures," as he would say.

ChiaLing Pitluga is a native of Kaohsiung City, Taiwan.  She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Tam Kang University in Taipei, Taiwan and was awarded an international scholarship to study at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  In 200, she was notified as a neutralized U.S. citizen.  Following her passion in arts, she returned to earn her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Art from Slippery Rock University and a K-12 Art Teaching Certificate from Carlow University.

ChiaLing has exhibited her work regionally, nationally, and internationally. Recently she has accepted the employment with the National Network of Digital Schools teaching Chinese language and works as a freelance artist.