New Castle Seniors Tell Their "Fish Stories"

The ongoing Fish Stories project is well under way and New Castle seniors are loving it. 

The workshops that teach the art of storytelling and visual and performing arts have already made an impression on the seniors after a few weeks of classes. Several attendees continue to ask, "Will you be here next week?," eager to keep the momentum going. 

To watch the seniors transform with childlike delight during the workshops is truly something special; with every step during the dance workshop to every stroke of a pen, the seniors travel through the decades to a time less hindered by age or circumstance. After the first dance session, the seniors ended by sharing one word that described the experience for them. Among them, descriptors like: relaxing, energizing, exhilarating, letting go, happiness. 

The participants let the rhythm guide their aging bodies as they learn to tell their stories through movement; unsteady hands create beautiful pieces of art and eyes that have seen so much glaze over as they recall tales of a different time. The result of each workshop is an hour and a half of pure joy-- losing themselves in laughter and a freedom they haven't experienced in years. 

The weekly workshops will continue throughout the summer, in preparation for the Arts on the Riverwalk Festival on September 9. At the festival, seniors will showcase the art projects and stories they have been creating over the course of the workshops, as well as perform a special dance for us all. Be sure to check back regularly for updates on the workshop, and don't forget to visit the Arts on the Riverwalk Festival Saturday, September 9 in downtown New Castle!